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about Creativity and originality are the defining elements that make up our sportswear.

High quality turn ideas is our driving force. Jailhouse # Fit, sports apparel for ladies and men is a young brand from Hamburg for the gym.
The sportswear Jailhouse style evolved from the idea of offering fitness training with the simplest means, as we know it from the Jail or from the first Rocky movies.

The elements of our logo, such as the heart our image and the basic idea. Our originality, uniqueness and our unused brand has a high recognition value.

Since 2013, we have in addition to the sportswear product BIG FOOD protein snack. It is here to smoked deer venison, what we get from the German forest. It is inserted only in salt and smoked it. This gives rise to one of the highest quality protein snacks with ham flavor. No carbs, minimal fat and 30g of protein per 100g.

In October 2013, we expanded our sportswear with a new own label Athlete Line. Many new colorful outfits from functional material produced in Europe in excellent quality.

Our partners are distributors, nutritions shops and gyms. We attach great importance to the fact that we each sales area only have one partner. If you would like to be one of our partners, please contact us love to an e-mail to or call us at mobile: 0178-7039015.

Your join like to visit us on our Facebook page, we each brand has its own page. For Jailhouse Fit Sportswear simply click on the buttom or link For Athlete Line Sportswear simply click on and Big FOOD snacks simply click on

Our Team

Since September 2009, we shape our brands for you and always hear when we receive from you any suggestions, comments and requests. We are all athletes with full heart and every week in the gym, we experience ourselves what we like in our training of outfits, accessories or diet. Together with you we still have a lot ideas for the future and are just beginning, let us surprise you.


Mr. Jail

Karli Owner and for over 30ig years in the gym and he still loves the work out, the atmosphere in the gym, the other athletes and the magic of our sport.

The heart

Heidi Heidi is the heart of us, herself athlete since there teenage times she plays volleyball and only discovered later as they can develop their sport more in the gym.

Head of IT

StephanStephan is the one of everything we do, he brings it in the digital world and surprises us with his vision of modern IT and show us new ways.

The Pulse

Achim Achim Weitz is the one who, valuable new input and ideas provides us from the perspective of an athlete and from his role as judge in the association of the IFBB / DBFV.


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