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Where does the Bluetooth player not interfere your workout?
On our new wrist bandage with bag!

34,50 €


34,50 €

NEW and once the wrist bandage, with 2 functions once it is a solid bandage and on the other hand, for ladies in Pink & Men in black (without player), you can clip your Bluetooth player without disturbing you during training. A small bag under the lion logo is ideal for your club card. Fits any Bluetooth player with a clip, on request we give you info for the Bluetooth player we tested.

Mobile Phone MP3 pocket with zipper f. Credit- & Club-Card

9,99 €

Phone & MP3 Pouch, awesome smartphone or MP3 in your pocket and additional zip pocket with small club card and credit card secure it.
to put on your belt with small carabiner. Cord with locking device for varying length.
Size 9 x 12.5 x 1cm

Workout Towel

26,80 €

Jailhouse fit for workout towel. Size 50cm x 100cm. Best quality border 8cm. With Jailhouse # Fit embroidered at extra cost with your name or your own text, just ask.

Fleece gloves

12,90 €

Fleece Gloves Promo, very nice warm fleece gloves, a glove is embroidered.

Liquid Bomb Waterbottle 2,2 Liter

14,50 €

2,2 Liter, BPA Free, Workoutg bottle! With aluminum screw cap and large opening! No porous material, no leaching of plastic taste

Shower Towel

34,90 €

Jailhouse-Fit Shower towel embroidered. 67 cm x 140 cm. Best quality 8cm border. If desired, embroider surcharge another text to just ask.

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